Sermon Sketchnotes: To The Valley Below

On this, the third Sunday in Lent, Rev. Michael Bochenski looks at what we can learn from Mark 9 about being in life’s valleys.


Whilst we are searching for our new senior minister, we have a moderator – an experienced minister from another church to help as a guide and mentor during the search. We’re delighted that Rugby Baptist Church have blessed us by sharing their minister, Rev. Michael Bochenski, with us. On this, the third Sunday in Lent, he spoke with us about how we might experience Jesus in the valleys of our lives.

To listen to Michael’s message, click here.

[Artist’s note: I haven’t posted any sketchnotes for a little while, more by omission than deliberately. That said, I wanted to return to a non-digital style for today’s sketchnote, and though still working on my iPad, I think I’ve created a more analogue feel to the illustration.]