How can I be sure? True children of God.

Rev Nick Swanson looks at who we are in Christ – truly children of God – and what that means.


The scripture this message uses is 1 John 2:28 – 3:10.

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Sermon Sketchnotes: Keep on fishing

Three types of nets, three different metaphors about how the church can work in mission. Rev Michael Bochenski explores what it means to be ‘fishers of men’.


What does it mean to be fishers of men? How might we be more effective in our mission? Rev Michael Bochenski shares his thoughts on the Bible passage Luke 5:1-11. Keep on fishing!

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Sermon Sketchnotes: Dealing with life’s obstacles

Life throwing up obstacles? Rev Nick Swanson uses Joshua as an example of how we might overcome them.


It’s almost inevitable that life throws curve balls your way. Rev Nick Swanson offers his thoughts on how we might overcome these tricky times in our lives, using Joshua 6:1-27 as his text.

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