New Build Update

Want to keep up with the changes on the site of our new church build?

We’ll be posting updates about our brand new church building which is being constructed off Dog & Gun Lane in Whetstone. Entirely self-funded, the church has raised or pledged £3m of a £4m estimate, and is proceeding to build a ‘watertight shell +’ – the ‘+’ being fitting out the interior of only half of the building. We hope as the building grows, so will the Building Fund and that we will be able to complete the whole building by the time we move to the new church in 2018.


The site has been cleared of trees and the hedges trimmed back. Fencing is being ordered, and site offices, canteen and toilet facilities are on their way. Contract negotiations for the groundworks and steel fabrication are underway and likely to be awarded this month. Waste management for the site and the completed building is being looked into. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is being ordered for all site visitors and church volunteers. Quotes for site signage are being sought.

Appointments – Voluntary
Neil Burley – Admin Assistant (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri, initially mornings only)
Susie Howard – Finance Assistant (Mon/Fri)

Volunteers required
Physically fit volunteers are needed to help erect fencing around the site, and someone willing to provide refreshments on the day would be marvellous. Please sign up in the church foyer, or let Neil know asap.

Prayer Points
A prayer card is available in the church foyer with prayer pointers for the new build, with a list of the project team and board members for WBC Design Co Ltd. A downloadable version will be available shortly.

Prayer Evening – a drawn response

What one of the congregation does as the others are praying…

This evening, we met at church to specifically pray for our new building, the funding, and to discern our part in God’s will. As the church prayed, I drew – and this is what was complete by the end of the service. As often happens, the picture can be seen in different ways, but the take home messages I shared were the emphasis on ‘will’ and ‘my’, and that the build starts with us giving, and ends with us welcoming.

File 21-02-2016, 19 24 18

Next weekend’s Gift Day is going to be so exciting – I, for one, can’t wait to see what God will do next to build His church.

Neil Burley